Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015

Trial version of Adobe professional real-time video production and editing tool for Windows 7

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    CC 2015

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014.1

Adobe Premiere Pro is an industry benchmark in the field of video editing software. This piece of software stands beside Apple's Final Cut Pro as the leading video editing software available anywhere.

Professional video producers and creators will find all their most commonly used tools in Adobe Premiere. The most recent iteration uses an interface that is strikingly similar to those from older versions, but this is good because it prevents a steep learning curve. The software features improved media management tools, a reworked timeline, efficient color-grading, various search options, and workflows across multiple projects.

Perhaps the biggest change to come to Adobe Premiere is the addition of Creative Cloud. This service requires a monthly subscription, but it offers instant updates via the Cloud, and you'll get access to a library of stock digital media that can be used free of royalties.

With the Sync Settings feature of the software, you can easily transform any project into a collaborative effort. This feature syncs your customized workspaces, settings, and keyboard shortcuts through several systems at once. If you're the type to seek feedback from third parties, you can use Creative Cloud and its built-in compatibility with Behance to share your work with editors and creative professionals from across the globe.

The possibilities with Creative Cloud don't end there. Using the Premiere Clip mobile application, you can take advantage of recording hardware on your smart device to instantly add new content to your Adobe Premiere timeline.

You might be surprised to learn that Adobe Premiere is compatible with files created in Final Cut Pro. The software uses the Mercury Playback Engine from Adobe, which gives you the ability to work with a range of video file formats that other similar pieces of software simply can't use. With this software, you can export files in the same format as Blu-Ray.

If you have any experience with the Adobe family of digital software, Premiere Pro should be familiar. Of course, beginners who have never used video editing software of any sort might find the complexity of the app to be overwhelming. There are a number of tutorials that can be used to learn the basics of the app.

Premiere Pro has received a number of improvements since it was initially launched. One such improvement is the addition of a Morph Cut feature. This feature takes advantage of facial recognition tools to isolate and then blend together several different 'talking heads' that morph seamlessly from one to the next.

The new subscription model centered around Creative Cloud will probably cause some users to abandon the app in favor of a one-time license app like Final Cut Pro. Professionals who require constant collaboration and cutting-edge software would certainly benefit from Creative Cloud and all it has to offer.


  • Professional-Grade Video Editing Tools
  • Blu-Ray Exporting
  • Adobe Suite Compatible
  • Wide Format Compatibility
  • Instant Updates via Creative Cloud
  • Cross-System Project Syncing


  • Overwhelmingly Complex
  • Subscription Required

Adobe Premiere Pro is an editing program that offers the unique capability to edit video in real-time, along with a few other features that stand out as solid and reliable for PC users.

The Adobe Premiere Pro Program

If you have used a Windows PC in your lifetime, you have used an Adobe program. Adobe is one of the most reliable names in the software business, and they have their hands in practically everything. Adobe is responsible for the Flash and Shockwave players, without which you couldn't watch streaming videos or play most online games. They're also responsible for the most popular image editor ever, Photoshop. So to say that Adobe Premiere Pro is a high-quality video editing system would be an understatement. It's Adobe, after all.

Though before people start getting stars in their eyes, there's something else to realize about Adobe, and specifically the Premiere Pro editing software: It’s rather expensive. Adobe doesn't offer much of anything for free, and this editing program in particular is steep in price along with being pretty large in size and processor-intensive.

Features of Adobe Premiere Pro

One of the first features you might notice about Adobe Premiere Pro isn't how the software operates but rather what it costs. Adobe has become part of the Creative Cloud, which means a typical one-time fee has been replaced by a monthly subscription. This can be a positive if you only have a limited amount of editing, but it's most likely going to be a negative.

Now, in terms of how Adobe Premiere Pro actually works, there isn't much to say other than that it is truly one of the premier editing programs on the market. There’s just so much you can do with the program. For instance, the video suite is created to provide professional tools. If you are a legitimate filmmaker, you can use Premiere Pro for your final cut. You can also sync any project, develop in a wide range of formats, and create a slew of keyboard shortcuts for quick editing.

Premiere Pro is also compatible with other tools in Adobe's box, so people familiar with the Adobe line can build a complete suite of editing tools.

If you're a beginner, you will probably have to watch hours of tutorial videos before you actually get the hang of the program. Adobe Premiere Pro is a professional tool, and thus you need some skill to use it. The interface isn’t very friendly in that regard. Though Adobe does make it clear that this tool is marketed to individuals who already know how to edit and operate Adobe software.


  • A complete editing suite
  • Can edit live-time video
  • Falls in line with other quality Adobe releases
  • Multiple tools and formats offered


  • Monthly subscription makes it expensive
  • A very resource-heavy program
  • Not beginner-friendly whatsoever

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